Make Matcha Lattes in 2 Easy Ways!

Make Matcha Lattes in 2 Easy Ways!

When you visit a traditional Japanese tea house, a tea master dressed in a kimono prepares authentic matcha using a tea bowl and a tea whisk. There are manners and etiquette involved. It can all seem a bit too complex, formal, and difficult.

But, matcha doesn't necessarily have to be prepared that way. In fact, making matcha lattes is fun and easier than you may think. If you've been curious but have been putting off trying to make them, now's your chance! Keep reading, and you'll be a master of matcha lattes in no time!

Method 1: Mix Both Ingredients Together

Mix the matcha powder and cold milk in the espresso machine and steam them together. You now have a piping hot cup of matcha to relax with!

Method 2: Add the Foamed Milk After

Try this to keep the matcha from sticking to your espresso machine:

Step 1: Make a Cup of Hot Matcha

Step 2: Pour foamed milk over the matcha!

Milk Options: Soy, Oat, Coconut — Oh My!

Matcha goes well not only with cow's milk but also with plant milks such as soy, almond, or oat milk. If you find the matcha taste too strong, try using coconut milk — it gently envelops the matcha flavor, making your latte easier to drink.

Here's to Your Health!

Matcha lattes are a delicious way to get an energy boost and feel good about yourself. Our ground-to-order matcha is so fresh it's considered a superfood! Add your favorite healthy milk and you have a delicious treat that isn't only good for you, but tastes great too!

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