Our history

Our company was founded as a tea company in 1860 in Kyoto, Japan's most prominent matcha-producing area. Through Japan's best-known brand of matcha, we sell not only matcha but also a variety of matcha products (matcha lattes, matcha ice cream, matcha sweets, etc.) in Japan.
Our founder, Tsuji Riemon, taught us to practice "Shu-ha-ri", which refers to the stages of training in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony and martial art of kendo (Japanese fencing).
  • "Shu" means to follow and master the kata or rules.
  • "Ha" means to incorporate the good points of others.
  • "Ri" means to create and establish something new and original.
With this practice of Shuhari, we have continued to explore new possibilities for unconventional tea while adhering to traditional production methods. As a result, we have become a favorite among our many customers in Japan.

Our Promise to You

While the popularity of matcha has grown worldwide in recent decades, we hesitated to sell overseas due to quality concerns. However, thanks to developments such as ecommerce and improved shipping, we now have the infrastructure to deliver freshly ground matcha worldwide.
Our matcha is freshly ground — just for you. We deliver the original fresh flavor of matcha, completely unaffected by oxidation, directly to your doorstep from our factory in Kyoto, Japan.